How to Start
a V4C Chapter

Familiarize Yourself with Volunteers4Cause

Learn about the mission and goals of Volunteers4Cause, a global network of volunteers working to solve social problems in their communities. Download the Volunteers4Cause Executive Summary, Volunteers4Cause (V4C) Description of Working Groups Documents and familiarize yourself with the resources and support available to you.

Join the

Fill out the membership form to become a part of the network and gain access to resources and support for your volunteer work.

Identify a Social Problem to Address

Think about the social problems that exist in your local community and choose one you are passionate about and have the skills to address.

Develop a Project Plan

Create a project plan that includes specific goals, objectives, and a timeline for addressing the social problem you have identified.

Download sample project plan

Reach Out to the Global Project Coordinator

Reach out to a member of our Global Advisory team for guidance and support in starting your local chapter.

Find Partners and
Recruit Volunteers

Reach out to local organizations and individuals and collaborate on your project and recruit volunteers to help make a difference. Utilize the Volunteers4Cause logo to promote your project and raise awareness about the work you are doing.

Launch Your Project

With the support of your partners and volunteers, launch your project and start making a difference in your local community. Continuously evaluate and assess your impact to make any necessary adjustments to your project plan.

Let’s Connect

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