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Global Project Advisor and Catalyst

Ron Boehm is the interim Managing Director of World Merit Limited, a member of the company’s Board of Directors, and principal of BOMA Investments, which invests in social entrepreneurs on five continents. He is passionate about creating positive change in the world, and previously served as CEO of ABC-CLIO, an international publishing company. He holds a Juris Doctor from UC San Francisco and an MBA from UC Berkeley. In addition, Boehm is part of the Global Planning Committee Team for Volunteers4Cause, where he provides global advisory, mentorship, and effective managerial and strategic implementation guidelines. Ron Boehm, as part of the Global Committee Team for Volunteers4Cause, played a significant role in the creation of the project. He and his team were dedicated to creating an effective platform to mobilize volunteers and bring about positive change in the world. This led to the launch of the pilot project “Volunteers4COVAX,” which brought together over 2,000 networks of volunteers from more than 50 countries to work in local committee groups to lower the rate of people contracting COVID-19 during the height of the global pandemic.

The group was able to empower these volunteers with the right tools and training to create local groups within their communities, cities, and countries to bring timely interventions in combating COVID-19. They partnered with UNICEF and through the support of the Global Planning Committee Team, deployed innovative strategies that led to COVID-19 reduction globally. As the global pandemic eased up, the Volunteers4COVAX Global Advisory Team made the decision to continue to utilize and expand this global volunteer network to tackle other social impact issues around the world. The success of Volunteers4COVAX project, along with Boehm’s passion for creating positive change, led to the establishment of Volunteers4Cause as a platform for addressing various social impact issues around the world.

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