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Global Project Advisor

Shashank is a serial entrepreneur. He is an engineer by profession, a changemaker by passion and a problem solver at heart. He has been a member of the Global Planning Committee of Volunteers4Cause, “V4C,” since its inception as the Volunteers4COVAX project in 2020. With Volunteers4Cause, Shashank has been looking at integrating technology to enable volunteering efforts globally and ensure mobilization of volunteering support.

He has transforming access to energy, livelihood and mobility for the better part of a decade. Shashank has a Masters’ degree in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London. He founded Ekak Innovations in India, a social enterprise working with farmers, fishermen in India and East Africa. With Ekak, he aims to alleviate their reliance on fossil fuels, ensuring access to affordable sustainable energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the subcontinent. Shashank is also working on smart solutions for increased security in mobility and eliminating vectors of COVID transmission in factories across India.

Shashank also works with the World Merit Organisation, coordinating between the community and the technology team. At World Merit, he aims to assist in developing technology tools that expedite onground action around the world that expedite the adoption of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In his spare time, he loves to spend time with family, writing and playing with his dog – Chhenu.

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